OBGYN in Georgetown, SC

Choosing an OBGYN in Georgetown, SC, is simple when you choose Lowcountry OBGYN. We practice both obstetrics and gynecology to ensure optimal vaginal health throughout any stage of womanhood. During your gynecology exam, your doctor will examine your cervix using a speculum. This procedure is often referred to as a Pap smear or a Pap test. Our gynecologist can test for bacterial infections, STDs, and even cancer, by collecting a small sample of cells and seeing if there are any abnormalities or changes. A gynecological exam may precede a pelvic exam, which is an examination of your reproductive organs. A pelvic exam is extremely important in assessing your gynecological health and is part of your annual OBGYN checkup. During the exam, our doctor will check your vulva, vagina, cervix, ovaries, uterus, and pelvis for any abnormalities.

At Lowcountry OBGYN, our obstetrician will guide you through a healthy pregnancy. Your prenatal care will consist of regular checkups, physical exams, lab tests, screening for fetal abnormalities, and any issues you may be experiencing while pregnant. Visit Lowcountry OBGYN for the best care during your pregnancy. Call to schedule your appointment with our caring obstetricians and gynecologists.